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Steven Daines ,MD

Dr. Daines is an elite surgeon in Orange County who dedicates his practice exclusively to cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the face, neck, and nose.

DermatologyOC Steven Daines

Steven M. Daines, MD is an accomplished Double Board Certified facial plastic surgeon in Newport Beach

Steven M. Daines, MD is an accomplished Double Board Certified facial plastic surgeon in Newport Beach who specializes in rhinoplasty and advanced facial rejuvenation. Board Certified in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery as well as Head and Neck Surgery, Dr. Daines devotes his expertise to achieving elegant, natural results for his patients in a warm, welcoming environment. An expert in an impressive array of surgical and non-surgical rejuvenation procedures, Dr. Daines has made Daines Plastic Surgery the foremost destination in Orange County for patients seeking personalized facial aesthetic enhancement.

Dr. Daines Philosphy

Rejuvenation Lite – Light On Recovery, Heavy on Results

Exceeding Your Expectations

The facial rejuvenation strategy you choose should deliver an outcome that exceeds your expectations. It should target each component of the aging process, provide natural, long-lasting results, and have a low-impact recovery. It should be personalized and compatible with your active lifestyle. Furthermore, the rejuvenation program should be economical, convenient, and safe.

Getting to Know Dr. Daines
Subtle, beauty improvements are the ultimate goal at the Appearance Center of Newport Beach. As the leading facial plastic surgery center in Orange County, our talented team continually works to enhance our treatment options in order to make you as gorgeous as possible. Based out of Fashion Island in breathtaking Newport Beach, our facility is home to only the best in the cosmetic and reconstructive arts. Dr. Steven Daines is a board certified surgeon, and he'd love to meet you while discussing all of your surgical and nonsurgical options.

A Native With a Passion

Dr. Daines is a native Southern Californian so he understands the culture of this dense community. Born in Arcadia, Dr. Daines eventually moved away from the foothills and into the University of California-Irvine. He earned his medical degree here, and he continues to serve the Southern Orange County area with his passion about beauty and health. Currently, Dr. Daines is the director of the Appearance Center where he meets with patients and helps them achieve their dream look.

Making a Difference With Each Patient

Dr. Daines is the pioneer of rejuvenation lite. This nonsurgical approach to cosmetic improvements combines lifestyle alterations and subtle procedures into a brand-new you. Patients might expect a traditional, surgical procedure when they walk in our doors, but they're pleasantly surprised that noninvasive options are possible with even better results.

The goal for each of Dr. Daines's patients is beauty personified with as little alterations as possible. With technology advancing at a rapid rate, dozens of nonsurgical options are available to every patient.

What to Expect at Your Appointment

If you're a newcomer to Dr. Daines's office, you might be nervous about the first meeting. The Appearance Center is a welcoming environment where you can discuss your deepest concerns with utter confidentiality. Dr. Daines will greet you in a private room where you can learn about every available option. Most of our clients leave the first appointment with an upbeat feeling and excited anticipation of what's to come.

Your Treatment Options

You might have a good idea about the procedures offered by Dr. Daines, but he may have a better solution to your concerns. In fact, there might be several treatment options that you can decide between as you discover the beauty within you. Take a glance at just some of the precision procedures that Dr. Daines provides, including:

• Neck lifts

• Blepharoplasty or eyelid rejuvenation

• Facial trauma corrections

• Rhinoplasty

• Fat transfer

• Skin resurfacing

• Skin cancer reconstruction

Dr. Daines's Exemplary History

From his early beginnings at Brigham Young University to a surgical residency at the University of Utah School of Medicine, Dr. Daines has an extraordinary background that he uses to help all of his patients. You can trust in Dr. Daines because he has several accomplishments and awards that directly reflect his commitment to the face and neck, including:

• Graduated cum laude as an undergraduate

• Board certified in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery

• Board certified in head and neck surgery

• Practice privileges at Saddleback Memorial Medical Center, Hoag Hospital and Skin Cancer and Reconstructive Surgery Center

Reading Further

Dr. Daines is also a published writer with a comprehensive look at chronic rhinosinusitis. His dedication to the medical arts makes him an expert on the face and neck regions. This publication furthers the research being performed on chronic sufferers of inflamed sinuses. With this information, Dr. Daines can improve on your facial features while possibly helping with some minor medical ailments.

Take Your Next Step

Dr. Daines is always pleased to meet a new patient. He's fluent in Spanish, which makes him even more accessible to many patients who consider this language as their native tongue. Becoming comfortable with the potential cosmetic benefits of Dr. Daines's work is the main goal at the first appointment.

There's never any obligation to go forward with a proposed procedure. Dr. Daines can explain the details of each procedure, including the side effects or drawbacks. You make the final decision for your future appearance.

Contact the Appearance Center of Newport Beach today at 949-200-1615. Our friendly staff is pleased to speak with you about any need you might have. From filler treatments to professional peels, Orange County's leading facial plastic surgery center/office is ready to serve your needs today.