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Deep Cleansing With HydraFacial
Mud, avocado and other substances have been spread across your face for those standard facials in the past. You may love the way your skin feels after these treatments, but there's another procedure that's exponentially better. HydraFacial is slowly becoming one of the top requested procedures at the Appearance Center of Newport Beach. With the help of a board certified surgeon, you can have this in-depth procedure completed in little time. Your skin will be visually stunning right after the appointment.

Why Should You Select HydraFacial?

If you're already a loyal facial fan, you'll want to incorporate this treatment into your beauty routine. HydraFacial is a combination of different procedures wrapped up into a miniature treatment. With one appointment, you can improve many aspects of your appearance, including:

• Skin tone glow

• Hyperpigmentation

• Overall texture

• Oily appearances

HydraFacial also fights the effects of time. After one treatment, you'll notice enhanced firmness and elasticity across your entire face. Your pores will shrink as wrinkles seem to smooth out. Aging signs can be dulled with each treatment so that you don't have to choose more invasive procedures, such as injections or surgeries.

Following the Six Steps

Examine the six basic steps that are involved in any HydraFacial procedure, including:

• Exfoliation

• Chemical peel

• Extraction

• Serum boosts

• Serum protection

• At-home care

Our Fashion Island facility begins the procedure with exfoliation. By using a patented, HydraFacial machine, we gently scrape away dead skin cells that contribute to aging and acne. To truly remove all of the impurities from your skin, the exfoliation process is followed by a peel. Salicylic and glycolic acids combine on your face where they remove a fine skin layer. Our doctors are slowly rejuvenating your skin by extracting debris from your pores afterward.

With your new skin exposed, doctors add serums to your face that can help any individualized problems. Dry, oily or acne-prone skin issues are no problems for our staff. They'll choose serums that will boost your skin's health while protecting it simultaneously.

Some of the serums used during HydraFacial include:

• Hyaluronic acid

• Antioxidants

• Peptides

As your treatment comes to an end, your doctor might offer you an at-home treatment package. Taking care of your skin between HydraFacial appointments is crucial to the entire procedure. You'll see significant skin improvements when you're consistently caring for your body.

Widespread Candidates and Quick Appointments

You might be interested in HydraFacial, but you're concerned about your skin type. One of the best features of this procedure is its widespread use. HydraFacial is perfect for candidates who have:

• Dark skin

• Sensitivity issues

• Skin ailments

As Orange County's leading facial plastic surgery center/office, we work with you on a personalized level before administering the procedure. Our doctors will ask you in-depth questions about your current health and history. If you're prone to hyperpigmentation or dark spots, our staff takes that fact into consideration. Your particular HydraFacial can include some serums that will fade those spots on a subtle level.

With many steps to complete, you might believe that a HydraFacial takes several hours to complete. However, it only takes between 20 and 80 minutes for all of the steps to be covered. The varied times are based on your skin issues and possible options added onto the procedure.

Considering Additional Treatments

Ask your doctor about other treatments that can be incorporated into the HydraFacial. Possible treatments might include:

• Light therapy

• Scalp massage

• Lymphatic drainage

Because HydraFacial treats several skin ailments, such as acne, adding light therapy onto your appointment will only help you keep these blemishes at bay. If you want a little relaxation built into the treatment, a scalp massage is a simple add-on that stimulates your nerve endings even further.

Lymphatic drainage is a procedure that reduces the swelling in your body. These retained fluids take time to naturally balance out, but you can expedite the process with professional drainage by our doctors.

Call our Orange County office at 949-200-1615 today. Our staff can work with you and determine the best HydraFacial for your features. Everyone has a different skin type, and HydraFacial has the versatility to treat patients as individuals. See what this specialized service can do for your youthful appearance without any invasive procedures.