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Explore Your Skin Care Options
You're constantly rejuvenating your skin throughout the day, but sunlight, sweat and other weathering effects can make your skin look lifeless and dull. When you want a glowing complexion, turn to our experts at the Appearance Center of Newport Beach. We may be Orange County's leading facial plastic surgery center/office, but we also excel at standard skin care. Discover what our team can do for you. Lay back at our Fashion Island facility, and we'll rejuvenate your skin.

Peels and Your Skin Layers

Chemical peels have been in the cosmetic industry for many years. In general, a medical professional applies a chemical mixture to your skin. This solution reacts with the tissue and forces it to peel away. It essentially strips your skin of at least one layer of cells. As a result, you have healthier skin that may be free of some imperfections. Take a look at the peels that are available at the Appearance Center, such as:

• Micropeels

• Vi

• Beta

• Glycolic

• Pulse

• Jessner

Each peel has a varying degree of strength as it exfoliates the skin. Some peels are very weak, and you won't have any downtime afterward. In contrast, strong, chemical peels will require some recovery time as your skin heals.

Luxurious Facials

When you experience a facial with one of our staff members, it's a personalized treatment that's ultimately determined by a board certified surgeon. At our facility, your skin is initially evaluated for its imperfections. Our staff will create a treatment plan that works for your personal goals. Your facial usually combines several services, including:

• Steaming

• Hydration

• Exfoliation

• Extraction

• Massage

Every appointment ends with moisturizing and a discussion surrounding your home care. To look your best, most professionals suggest a monthly facial. You can also combine it with a peel or other service. Simply ask about your options, and our staff will devise a perfectly luxurious care strategy.


Your skin can also benefit from microdermabrasion. Our staff will use a small tool on your face or neck in order to remove the topmost layer of skin. In essence, this tool sands your skin with a gentle motion. Some patients describe it as a tickling sensation. You achieve several benefits with this procedure, such as:

• Reducing acne scars

• Stimulating new skin tissue to grow

• Fine line removal

Consider microdermabrasion if you're out in the sun for long periods of time. The sun's rays will damage your skin over the years. Exfoliating the outer skin layer allows the tissue to heal and recover from sun damage.


If you've been frustrated with the peach fuzz on your face, you're not alone. Every woman has some degree of soft hairs on their face. However, the hairs' presence makes makeup application difficult, and they can contribute to acne and other follicle issues.

Dermaplaning is a perfect solution for patients who want a light, facial exfoliation. A tool crosses the face and only takes the smallest of skin layers off of your body. Along with this motion comes the removal of facial hair. After the procedure, you'll be astounded at the glow across your skin. The tiny hairs will grow back in time, but you benefit from exfoliated skin that can regenerate into a more youthful appearance.

Skin Light Therapy

Acne sufferers understand the frustration of breakouts even in adulthood. Our facility offers light therapy, which encourages a clear face. Blue and red light applied to the face will encourage natural bacteria found in your skin to turn on itself. Chemicals within the bacteria will actually kill off the microorganism that contributes to your breakouts.

Your skin immediately heals itself as the light therapy continues across several sessions. If you have reoccurring acne, it's a smart idea to create a treatment schedule with our professionals. We can look at your acne and determine the best light-therapy timing. With the main acne bacteria dying off, your skin is free to glow without any pimples.

Call us at 949-200-1615 today, and book your appointment. Many of our procedures can be easily completed on your afternoon off. There's no need to take any real time away from your everyday life. Our Orange County team is ready to discover the youthful and healthy side of your skin.