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Skin Cancer Education and Prevention
Your skin is the largest organ in your body. It's exposed to many weathering effects over the years, from sunburns to aging. At Appearance Center of Newport Beach, our dedicated staff concentrates on the health and beauty of your face, neck and skin. If you're concerned about your skin's health, making an appointment with our doctors should be a top priority. It's critical to learn about the facts surrounding skin cancer and how to prevent it.

Understanding Different Skin Cancer Types

Skin cancer comes in many forms. The most common types tend to remain isolated to the skin layers. They might spread deeply into the skin layers, but frequent treatments can keep the cancer in control. Other cancers, however, have the ability to spread into the lymph nodes and nearby organs. These skin cancers are rare, but they can occur when your health is neglected. Familiarize yourself with the different cancers that can be treated by Orange County's leading facial plastic surgery center/office, including:

• Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma

• Melanoma

• Basal, Merkel and Squamous cell carcinomas

A Concerning Ailment

If you notice any changes in your skin, make an appointment with a professional. Doctors can take a close look at any skin anomalies that you point out. It's possible that you may have actinic keratosis. This ailment isn't skin cancer, but it indicates a precancerous condition that has a crusty appearance on your skin.

Professional Screening

Make it a personal goal to be professionally screened for skin cancer this year. Doctors can examine every area of skin on your body in order to diagnose any concerning areas. A mole that looks harmless might be a candidate for excision, for example. If you're out in the sun a lot or have a family history of skin cancer, asking for more frequent, professional screenings is critical to your health.

Working as a Team

A skin-cancer diagnosis puts you at the center of attention at our medical facility. You'll have many resources at your disposal, including our dedicated plastic surgeons. Other professionals may be involved too, such as:

• Oncologists

• Dermatologists

• Radiation oncologists

• Dermatopathologists

Learning to Spot Possible Skin Cancer

Although you have the backing of our staff if skin cancer is your diagnosis, we'd rather have you avoid any disease. Remember your alphabet as you look for possible cancer on your own body. Examine yourself once a month for any of these issues, including:

• Asymmetrical moles

• Irregular or blurred borders to your moles

• Unusual color patterns within moles

• Excessively large mole diameter

• Elevated mole when compared to surrounding skin

Primary Procedures

The key to fighting any skin cancer is early detection. If you're unsure about a skin ailment, don't ignore it. Our doctors would rather tell you it's harmless instead of telling you some hard facts about spreading cancer. If skin cancer is caught early on, it's possible to use some noninvasive treatments on it. Essentially, we try to break down the cancer by using today's advanced technology, such as:

• Photodynamic therapy

• Chemotherapy/electrochemotherapy

• Immunotherapy

Your doctor will discuss all of your options with you before settling on a treatment. These treatments are ongoing until the cancer is forced into remission.

Surgical Options

When the skin cancer is isolated to a limited area, doctors might suggest surgical options. In most cases, the surgeries are relatively simple. Their main goal is to remove all of the cancer in order to stop it from spreading. Consider these procedures as common ones that your doctor might suggest, including:

• Basic excision

• Mohs micrographic surgery

• Cryosurgery

• Laser therapy

Every surgical option has a different value based on your given skin cancer. If the cancer is too widespread, whole-body treatments must be considered. Our doctors want you to have a strong immune system after any procedure to fight off further skin-cancer issues.

Get started on your skin health today by calling the Appearance Center of Newport Beach. We're conveniently located on Fashion Island in South Orange County. Discuss all of your concerns with a board certified surgeon, and a proper solution can be planned out. Although skin cancer is the most common cancer across the nation, it's also the easiest to treat. Simply be alert of your skin's changes, and make frequent trips to our facility for professional evaluations.