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Mohs Surgery and Its Cancer-Fighting Benefits
With nearly every day being sunny in Orange County, most residents go outdoors and enjoy the weather. However, the sun's warmth also comes with radiation. Ultraviolet radiation and excessive exposure to it is one of the main causes of skin cancer. If you notice an irregularity on your skin, it's critical to have it immediately evaluated by a professional. Skin cancer is treated in several ways, including chemotherapy, but early detection often means that doctors can remove the cancer outright. At Appearance Center of Newport Beach, we offer Mohs surgery to fight those cancer tissues.

Understanding the Procedure

Most cancer patients are familiar with basic excision surgeries. A cancer tumor is cut out, and the patient is closely monitored in the next several months or years for any further developments. Mohs surgery offers a different strategy for both patients and doctors.

Your doctor will pinpoint the tumor and excise it from the body. However, another tissue sample is also removed from the edge of that excision. With the help of a powerful microscope, doctors can tell if the sample has any more cancer cells. If so, the doctors continue to remove and examine the area before finishing the procedure. Our Fashion Island facility can support the Mohs surgical process so that you can live cancer-free for many years.

The Concept Behind Mohs

Skin-cancer patients are often required to visit the doctor several times over the course of many months in order to systematically remove all of the irregular growths. This eradication strategy is difficult on both the patient and doctor. The Mohs surgery offers several benefits over traditional surgeries, including:

• One surgery only

• Locating and removing all cancerous growths at once

• Reduced strain and cost for the patient

It's important to note that the one surgery is meant to remove cancer from known areas at the time. Depending on your cancer type, other growths might occur on separate areas across your body. You still need to be diligent about examining your skin, and pointing out any issues to your doctor.

Perfect For Sensitive Areas

Because your skin is the largest organ in your body, cancer can occur in almost any area on it. In fact, it doesn't have to be an area that's constantly exposed to sunlight. With this fact in mind, doctors prefer the Mohs surgery over other types because of its precision. Several sensitive areas can be affected by cancer, including:

• Noses

• Eyelids

• Fingers

• Toes

• Ears

When doctors can use the Mohs surgery in these areas, they only take out the tissue that's absolutely necessary. As a result, the surgical area can heal faster with less scarring involved.

Proper Cancer Candidates

When you suspect that a skin irregularity is cancerous, make an appointment with Orange County's leading facial plastic surgery center/office. Our doctors can examine and determine the cancer's type and extent.

You might be interested in Mohs surgery if a cancer diagnosis is present. We usually suggest this surgical option when you have either:

• Basal cell carcinoma

• Squamous cell carcinoma

Both of these cancers are common and don't usually spread. Our doctors can pinpoint all of the growths and remove them by using the Mohs surgery protocols. If melanoma growths are detected, however, other surgical options are usually necessary. Melanoma remains as a very aggressive cancer, which needs to be removed along with extra tissue around it.

Preventing Further Cancers

After a successful Mohs surgery, you want to stay as healthy as possible. Your doctor might examine you on a regular basis so that the surgical site properly heals. Do your part to ward off more cancerous growths, such as:

• Wearing UV clothing

• Applying sunscreen

• Seeking out shady areas

Don't be fooled by a cloudy day either. The sun's ultraviolet rays can still penetrate thick clouds and contribute to further growths. With personal accountability and your doctor's care, skin cancer can be a thing of the past.

Contact the Appearance Center of Newport Beach today at 949-200-1615. Our highly trained team can set up an appointment that works with your schedule. A board certified surgeon can look over your skin ailments and make an accurate determination about your skin-cancer risk. It's better to have a false alarm regarding cancer instead of ignoring any skin irregularities.