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Understanding Sculptra and Its Age-Defying Effects
Cosmetic fillers have been around for many years. Women may want a poutier appearance to their lips or to fill in those frustrating wrinkles. Most fillers last several months, but Sculptra's effects can extend into years. At Appearance Center of Newport Beach, our talented doctors are proud to offer this unique filler procedure. Dive deeper into the world of Sculptra and see what it can do for your youthful look.

Aging at the Cellular Level

As your body ages, the skin loses its collagen supply in small amounts each year. You only notice this deficiency when your skin sags or wrinkles. It no longer bounces back into shape as it did in your teens or 20s. The lack of collagen also diminishes the shape of your face and neck. It's possible to have several unsightly areas, including:

• Sunken areas under the eyes

• Diminished cheek appearances

• Hollows at the temples

You don't have to live with these aging signs on your face. Our Fashion Island facility can suggest Sculptra as an intricate part of your treatment program. Every procedure is performed by a board certified surgeon too. You can trust in our staff to care for you every step of the way.

Sculptra Versus Other Fillers

You might wonder about Sculptra's difference among other fillers on the market. In fact, this substance isn't truly a filler. When other fillers actually fill a void under a wrinkle, Sculptra works deep in your skin as it encourages collagen production. Sculptra doesn't add volume to your face because it merely stimulates your body to perform the process.

In technical terms, Sculptra is a poly-L-lactic acid. This synthetic material is safe to use on the human body because it's been long-tested in the industry through dissolvable stitches. The body senses this acid and reacts by building more collagen in defensive response. By using the body's natural foreign-substance reactions, you can achieve a rounder face and smoother neck.

Volumizing the Skin

As collagen comes to life in your skin, your facial features start to change. Those hollow or shadowy features will suddenly appear bright as light reflects off of them at various angles. Take a look at the areas that are perfect for Sculptra volumizing, such as:

• Chin

• Jaw line length

• Temples

• Cheeks

When you visit our Orange County facility, you might want more areas filled on your face or neck. Sculptra isn't designed to work in every desired area, however, so your doctor will need to evaluate your needs. The doctor will put together a comprehensive treatment plan that might incorporate other treatments. You're welcome to approve or decline any procedure at that point.

Patience With Sculptra

When patients think of old-fashioned cosmetic treatments, they might focus on the immediate effects. Liposuctions remove fat in an instant while facelifts tighten the face in mere minutes. Sculptra is different because it's working in conjunction with your body. Your skin needs time to develop the collagen, and move it into its appropriate areas.

Collagen is mass-produced at the injection sites. Over the course of a few months, you'll notice subtle changes, such as:

• Tighter skin

• Rounded facial features

• Fewer wrinkles

The effects are worth the wait. Because the effects take time to develop, they also remain in place for longer than traditional filler treatments. Where Botox wears off in 6 to 9 months, you can enjoy Sculptra's effects for about two years. This astounding time period makes this injectable filler a popular choice for patient people.

Layering the Procedure

Our doctors understand that you might need some immediate effects for your cosmetic efforts. In these cases, doctors can perform a combination filler procedure. They might use a traditional filler in certain areas while reserving the Sculptra for other strategic spots. You'll have some immediate effects, and then you can enjoy the gradual effects offered by the Sculptra. Our talented doctors can coordinate this effort in order to create the beautiful skin that you deserve.

Contact us today about your Sculptra procedure. Our facility is known as Orange County's leading facial plastic surgery center/office, so we can perform nearly any procedure that you desire. Turn back the years and feel incredibly young again with Sculptra's injectable filler. No one will ever know your secret.