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Get to Know the Strength of Restylane
For many years, cosmetic patients have learned about the virtues of facial fillers. With just one short appointment, several years can be taken off of the face. There's no major surgery involved because the filler is merely injected into strategic areas across the face. When you're looking to reduce fine lines or give your lips a boost, turn to the professionals at the Appearance Center of Newport Beach. They can offer you several different fillers, including Restylane, to achieve your desired look.

Restylane's Unique Features

There are many facial fillers on the market, and each one has its own applications. Restylane is made of the common filler ingredient called hyaluronic acid. However, its consistency is much thicker than other HA fillers. As a result, it can be applied in areas that need more structural support.

Part of this filler's allure is its natural ingredients too. Hyaluronic acid is found in the human body. When it's injected into your skin, the body doesn't react to it as a foreign substance. It merely fits in with the rest of your tissues as it smooths away wrinkles and creates a rounder figure to your face.

Which Areas Benefit From This Filler?

When you meet with one of our Fashion Island doctors, you can discuss all of your problem areas to be treated. Restylane can't be injected into every area, but it's perfectly designed for those common problem areas, including:

• Nasolabial folds

• Glabellar lines

• Cheeks

• Chin

• Back of hands

It's also popular as a lip treatment for adult patients. Patients and doctors can look over your beauty plan and determine the best way to approach the procedure. Ideally, you want to fill as many problem areas as possible during one appointment. You'll only have one recovery period for all of those areas as a result.

Getting Ready for Your Procedure

Two weeks before your procedure, stop using these common medications, such as:

• Ibuprofen

• Fish oil

• Vitamin E

• Aspirin

These medications can exacerbate swelling and bruising that occurs after the procedure. Remind your doctor if you suffer from herpes too. Extra medications may be necessary in order to control cold sores around your procedure's recovery time.

On the morning of your Restylane procedure, gently wash your face of all makeup, creams and other topicals. Your doctor needs a clean surface to administer the filler. Be proactive about your recovery by taking Arnica montana before the procedure. This herb is known to reduce swelling, and it can make your recovery much easier.

What to Expect

Our Orange County facility is designed with your comfort in mind. As you arrive for your procedure, you'll relax in one of our patient rooms where the doctor will complete the work. The injections are nearly painless as the doctor pinpoints the areas to be treated. Depending on your procedure's details, the doctor may use several syringes of Restylane as he rounds out your features.

The treatment can take up to 20 minutes to complete. You're welcome to relax for a little while as your body accepts the filler. Our staff will greet you again in 4 to 8 weeks when your touch-ups will be due.

Your Recovery Period

Don't aggressively touch your face after the procedure. You might be tempted to poke, squeeze or scratch the skin, but refrain from any of these actions. As an alternative, apply an ice pack to your face each hour during the first few days of recovery. Hold it there for only 10 or 15 minutes. Using ice packs for any longer might numb your skin to an irritating level. The cold reduces the swelling and encourages healing.

Ideally, sleep on your back until a week has passed. By this point, your filler procedure should be largely healed.

As Orange County's leading facial plastic surgery center/office, our staff wants you to have the best experience with your Restylane procedure. We can remind you about periodic touch-ups that should occur at least once a year. With a board certified surgeon guiding you along the way, your filler experience can be a regular occurrence as you ward off the effects of aging. Give us a call at 949-200-1615 today, and we can start your filler journey almost immediately.