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Septoplasty Deviated Septum

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The Appearance Center of Newport Beach is committed to improving the health of our patients with our septoplasty procedure. This corrective surgery straightens the nasal septum to improve airflow for patients with a deviated nasal partition. As the leading facial plastic surgery center in all of Orange County, the Appearance Center of Newport Beach is uniquely qualified to perform your septoplasty procedure with optimum results.

Deviated Septum

The septum is the central partition in the nose that divides it into two nasal passages. It can be deformed by genetic abnormalities or injury, and improperly aligned nasal passages can cause discomfort and health issues, such as:

• Restricted airflow
• Chronic sinusitis
• Inflammation
• Headaches
• Sleep apnea

Septoplasties can be quickly performed by our experienced board certified surgeon, and this procedure can bring immediate relief of symptoms and a new outlook for the future for our satisfied patients.

Enlarged Inferior Turbinate

A septum that deviates and blocks one side of the nasal passages may also lead to enlargement of the inferior turbinate in the nasal passages which can make it impossible for a patient to breathe through either side of his or her nose. A turbinectomy is often performed during the septoplasty to improve airflow in both nasal passages. Correcting the nasal structure for uniform airflow on both sides of the nasal passages leads to relief from symptoms that may have affected the patient for his or her lifetime.

Septoplasty Procedure

While you are under either general or local anesthesia, our plastic surgeon will access the surgical site through your nostrils to make an incision and locate the cartilage of the septum. While some cartilage may be removed during the procedure, adequate cartilage remains to provide continued structural support for the bridge of your nose. The cartilage of the septum is straightened, repositioned and stabilized with splints or internal sutures. If an improved aesthetic result is desired, the procedure can often be combined with rhinoplasty to create a more pleasing shape and structure to the nose while correcting any bumps or asymmetry that a deviated septum can cause.

Septoplasty Recovery and Results

Most patients can expect to require a recovery period of four to seven days following their septoplasty procedure; however, the amount of time you can expect to be away from work and normal activities can vary based on individual healing rates and the complexity of each patient’s procedure. The type of surgery that is performed based on your individual needs can also affect your recovery rate. Less-invasive methods such as endoscopic surgery and Balloon Sinuplasty - which uses a balloon to expand the sinus passages - can accelerate a patient’s recovery.

Insurance Coverage

As a corrective surgery to improve the respiratory function and health of our patients, most insurance providers do offer coverage for septoplasty and turbinectomy procedures for medical reasons. If you have experienced long-term breathing issues through your nose or suffered from chronic sinus infections, completing a septoplasty procedure may offer you freedom from these ongoing health issues. We recommend that you contact your insurance provider for details about your septoplasty and turbinectomy coverage.

Our Modern Surgery Center

As Orange County's leading facial plastic surgery center/office, our accredited state-of-the-art surgical clinic features the innovation of modern surgical tools and the expertise of a team of board-certified plastic surgeons, anesthesiologists and skilled medical staff who have many years of experience in the field of cosmetic and corrective facial surgery. The Appearance Center of Newport Beach serves the communities of Orange County and Fashion Island, CA, with high-quality services and outstanding medical care.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

Our board certified surgeon will schedule an appointment with you to review your medical history, assess your health, review the risks and identify the possibility of a successful septoplasty procedure. A thorough examination is necessary to determine if correcting the septum will address your nasal issues. Your consultation may be followed by imaging and tests to carefully evaluate your needs and to determine if you are a candidate for the procedure. We look forward to assisting you with your medical needs; please call us today for your consultation appointment.