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Reshaping Your Face With Otoplasty Procedures
Both children and adults can be cruel when it comes to comments made about someone's features, including large ears. At Appearance Center of Newport Beach, our caring staff understands that pronounced features surrounding your face can be a source of stress. Take control of your appearance by opting for ear-reshaping surgery. This incredibly simple surgery can be performed at our Fashion Island facility. The results will make you smile in the mirror.

The Psychological Impacts of Irregularly Shaped Ears

Your ears may not have developed close to your head after birth. In fact, children as young as three years old might have pronounced ears that continue with them into the teen years and adulthood. Several negative psychological issues can occur with irregularly shaped ears, including:

• Low self-esteem

• Hunched shoulders

• Shy demeanor

Our Orange County staff wants to work with you in order to rectify these mental and physical strains. With this two- to three-hour procedure, you can finally have subtle ears that grace your head at a better angle. Hearing hurtful comments won't happen again with our help. Without dealing with the source of your stress, self-confidence problems will continue to affect your daily life.

Perfect Candidates

Take a look in the mirror, and evaluate your ears as compared to your overall head. Ears that protrude outward might make a "C" shape alongside your cheeks. If the protrusion is extreme, the ears may stand out as your main feature. You want your facial features to shine so you're considered a good candidate for otoplasty or ear reshaping.

It's not just adults who're good candidates either. Children can avoid most of the teasing during their younger years if their parents bring them in for an evaluation. It's possible for kids as young as five years old to have an ear-reshaping procedure. The doctor simply needs to verify that the child's ears have grown to 75-percent maturation before the surgery.

Beginning Your Surgical Journey

Your journey toward a brand-new you starts with a meeting at our facility. One of our caring doctors will evaluate your ears and learn about your goals. Consider some of the things that might occur during your initial appointment, such as:

• Ear measurements

• Visual aids of the procedure

• Side-effect discussions and after-care instructions

It's not necessary to be checked into a hospital for this procedure either. It can take place at our comfortable facility under local anesthesia. The procedure's simplicity is what makes it perfect for both young and adult patients. Your doctor will customize the procedure based on your desires and overall features.

What to Expect on Procedure Day

Depending on the patient, most people will have their otoplasty procedure completed under local anesthesia where you're awake the entire time. There are some exceptions, however. You can select general anesthesia for several reasons, including:

• Restless, involuntary movements

• Young children under 10 years old being involved

• Overwhelming fright during the procedure

Every patient will have their ears bent toward their head by suturing the cartilage to their head. The resulting connection can't be obviously seen by others. In fact, it's hidden behind the ears for the rest of the patient's life. The procedure is relatively short at about two to three hours long. Your surgical area will be covered by a dressing as it heals immediately afterward.

Rapid Recovery Times

Your otoplasty procedure involves sutures and incisions behind the ears so there will be a short recovery time. If you had local anesthesia, you should be able to move around after a few hours of recovery. The surgical site must remain protected by a dressing for at least a week. Many patients will feel almost perfectly better after only one week of recovery.

You shouldn't require any extensive pain medication after the procedure. If you feel any discomfort, over-the-counter medications are usually sufficient enough to cover your concerns. Both children and adults will emerge after one week with a brand-new look that boosts their self-image.

Contact the Appearance Center of Newport Beach today at 949-200-1615. We are Orange County's leading facial plastic surgery center/office. Allow a board certified surgeon to oversee your care as you move forward with a brand-new look. A small change to your features may be all that it takes to make your daily life much better than before.