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Improve Your Jawline With Chin Implants
The profile of your face is a unique shape that defines your appearance. You might have pouty or thin lips along with a strong nose. The chin is also a defining factor. It can protrude outward with a dimple, or it might be nearly nonexistent. At the Appearance Center of Newport Beach, we understand that your chin may be less than desirable. You may want a more pronounced chin to feel better about yourself. To improve your self-esteem, we invite you to dive deeper into the cosmetic-surgery world and learn about chin implants. Your entire appearance can change with one simple implant.

Your Chin Consultation

Your face has a delicate balance between the upper and lower regions. The nose defines the midpoint of your face while the chin balances out this natural protrusion. However, a sunken chin makes the nose appear larger and out of proportion with the rest of your face. As a result, you feel uncomfortable about your appearance as you head out the door each day.

Our Fashion Island facility has a solution for your facial appearance. A chin implant merely rests on the tip of your jaw to create a resting point for soft tissues, including muscles, fat and skin. Your doctor will discuss your ultimate goals regarding your appearance at the first consultation. Patients learn about the procedure and possibly look at before-and-after images to understand the extent of the surgery.

Deciding Between Implants

Currently, you have a choice of three different implant shapes, including:

• Central anatomic

• Extended anatomic

• Mild square jaw

The central anatomic chin implant is the smallest one of the group, and it creates a triangular appearance to your profile. When you want a triangular chin but with some width involved, doctors can add an extended anatomic implant. This implant rests on the tip of the jaw bone while stretching horizontally across it.

For a square and pronounced jawline, look for a mild square implant. Men will often have this implant added to their features for that masculine appearance. It will ultimately round out the facial features with a strong nose just above it.

The Procedure's Details

As Orange County's leading facial plastic surgery center/office, we use the best techniques available today for your implant surgery. For most patients, our doctors will use the mouth as an entry point to the chin. The procedure begins with an incision placed inside the mouth. With this small opening, Orange County doctors maneuver the chin implant into the jaw area.

They'll reserve most of the procedure's time for precise positioning. Doctors will manipulate both the soft tissues and implant in order to make the final appearance as natural as possible. They'll close the mouth incision as a final procedural task.

Considering More Facial Work

Your chin may not be your only concern. In fact, it's possible to combine other surgeries with the implant procedure. If you want a neck lift to complement your new chin, our doctors can arrange that procedure. Instead of placing the implant through your mouth, doctors will use the neck incisions to access the area. As a result, you have an isolated area on your body that's worked on instead of the neck and mouth. There are fewer areas that need to heal.

What to Expect After Your Procedure

When you have a basic chin implant, you'll need some time to recover. All of the stitches should dissolve after 10 days. During the first few days, however, you'll need to limit yourself to resting and eating soft foods. Your mouth needs to heal where the incision was made. You can eat items, such as:

• Nutrition shakes

• Noodles or pasta

• Soups

Your doctor may give you a specialized mouthwash to clean your mouth out each day too. It's your goal to keep the incision point clean and free from infection. After several days, you can slowly incorporate food that's comfortable to chew.

Start your journey toward a new profile today by calling the Appearance Center of Newport Beach at 949-200-1615. You can meet with a board certified surgeon about your concerns. Through visual aids and detailed explanations, we can show you how a chin implant will enhance your appearance. Retain your core facial features while feeling better about your profile with a chin implant today.