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Exploring Brow and Temple Lift Procedures
Aging and gravity can take a toll on your facial features, especially at the forehead level. You may have had a smooth brow in your 20s and 30s, but it now has deep lines and a drooping appearance. At the Appearance Center of Newport Beach, you can uncover your youthful beauty with a brow lift. Although it's often confused with a facelift, a brow lift is limited to the forehead region. With a board certified surgeon performing the work, your eyes will be more prominent as everyone looks upon your youthful face.

The Brow Lift Process

Every doctor has a slightly different strategy to their brow-lift process, but the basic procedure remains the same. Doctors lift the forehead skin and position it in a more attractive manner. Incisions are normally made along the hairline. In the past, hair follicles were often damaged with this type of cosmetic surgery. Currently, specialized incision techniques allow hair to grow right over the incisions in order to show off a more natural appearance.

At our Orange County facility, part of the brow-lift process includes repositioning the hairline. Our goal is to maintain your same facial features while improving the skin's texture. To do that, our doctors move certain brow sections that will achieve the desired effect. No two surgeries are alike when it comes to brow lifts.

Varying Lift Strategies

When you discuss your brow-lift options with your doctor, specific techniques might be suggested. You'll hear certain procedure terms, including:

• Upper eyelid incision brow lift

• Minimal incision brow lift

• Endoscopic brow lift

• Open brow lift

As Orange County's leading facial plastic surgery center/office, we pride ourselves on versatile procedures that work for each individual patient. Doctors can show you images of each procedure and how they differ. The endoscopic procedure, for example, uses tiny incisions along your hairline, surgical camera and specialized tools. You'll have minimal scarring and recovery time with an endoscopic procedure, but it isn't designed for every patient. Only your doctor can determine the best course of action.

Considering a Temple Lift

Your temples reside on either side of your eyes. They're intricately connected to your brow. In fact, some issues might arise with your temples that affect your brow, including:

• Asymmetrical facial features

• Drooping eyes at their edges

• Wrinkle contributions

When your doctor evaluates your brow, they might suggest a temple lift as well. There may be a combination procedure that should be completed in order to create the wide-eye appearance that you desire. Doctors might lift a temple on your right side while performing a partial brow lift on the left side. As a result, you'll have a symmetrical face with a youthful appearance.

Evaluating the Surgical Cost

Each patient has a unique situation with their features. Surgical costs will usually include several fees, such as:

• Consultation charges

• Physician's fees

• Facility charges

• Prescriptions

You'll be given a customized quote to look over before the procedure. In most cases, brow and temple lifts can cost in the thousands of dollars. Although this is a significant amount of money, it's an investment in your self-image. Our team wants you to look as wonderful as you feel. If you have any concerns over the costs, we can always discuss alternative procedures and even payment plans.

Your Astounding New Look

The procedure only takes about two hours. With your incisions covered with dressings, you'll normally recover for one to two weeks. This recovery period is necessary so that the swelling and bruising can subside. Rest is your best resource, and our doctors will also help you with specific medications tailored to your pain level.

One of the most common side effects of the surgery is a headache. With the right medication, you can forget about this pain and focus on your new look. In only a few days, it's possible to see some of the first signs of the new brow and temple.

Call our Fashion Island facility today at 949-200-1615. Your initial appointment can cover all of your questions, and our doctors can show you some success stories for inspiration. Dealing with an unsightly brow line isn't necessary with today's advanced cosmetic techniques. Become who you truly are with a brow or temple lift today.