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IPL and Your Glowing Skin Tone
Everyone is used to the appearance of their skin as they grow older. When people reach their 30s and 40s, scars and dark spots seem to stand out on the skin. Sunlight exposure, accidents and age will all wear on the body. The skin simply shows the visible marks of these experiences. If you want to return your skin to its youthful glow, consider IPL facial treatments. Also known as intense pulsed light, these treatments use light waves to alter your skin and improve its appearance.

The IPL Science

The industry trend is to rely on lasers for most beauty treatments, but IPL is different. This technology uses light waves at different wavelengths. These light particles penetrate your skin and improve it on varying levels. Consider the three parts to a basic IPL procedure, including:

• Near infrared wavelengths

• Pulsating laser light

• Intense pulsed light

The near-infrared wavelength generates some heat in order to encourage a tight skin texture. Heat closes pores and forces the tissue to have some flexibility. The laser wavelength damages some of the skin cells, which activates the body's healing processes. New skin forms with flexible collagen added into the mixture. Intense pulsed light slowly fades dark spots, scars and reduces blood-vessel quantities to these unsightly marks.

Targeted Treatment Areas

Take a look at some of the skin ailments that IPL can treat, including:

• Age spots

• Spider veins

• Rosacea

Our Fashion Island facility focuses on the face and neck where these skin ailments can be sources of frustration. Your first consultation with our professionals will encompass all of your needs. It's possible to treat all of these ailments and more with one treatment appointment and subsequent followups. There's no need to perform different procedures for each issue.

Scarring is another perfect area for IPL targeting. Your scars might be from surgeries, accidents or acne. It may take more than one appointment to fade away some of the darker scars on your face, but it is possible. Patients dealing with scars for many years are often amazed at the IPL results after only one session.

What's Involved in the Procedure?

Each procedure at our Orange County facility lasts about 20 minutes. You need to wear protective eyewear in order to keep the pulsating light from damaging your eyes. Doctors need to come close to your eyes for certain skin ailments so wearing glasses is mandatory.

Doctors will spread a cool gel on your skin as a preparation task. This gel protects your skin while conducting the light into your tissues at precise angles. Your doctor might offer you two different gels, including medicated and non-medicated types. Select the medicated gel if you have sensitive skin. It will numb the area temporarily. Otherwise, you'll feel a pinching sensation throughout the session.

Multiple Sessions are Crucial

Every patient will require more than one IPL session. Your treatment plan is based on your ailments and their severity. Each session will slowly break down the skin and create a smoother texture. The goal of IPL treatments is to make your physical changes as subtle as possible. Expect your future appointments to have a similar schedule to this one, including:

• Three-week intervals between subsequent sessions

• At least four to six sessions

The effects usually last for about one year, but you also need to incorporate a healthy lifestyle too. Healthy foods, plenty of water and reduced sunlight exposure can keep your skin looking spectacular year-round.

Virtually No Recovery Time

The use of differing wavelengths of light means that your skin is exposed to several gentle changes over the course of each session. Although you may have some redness to your features immediately after the treatment, this color disappears within an hour. You aren't limited in your activities either. Return to your daily routine while looking gorgeous at the same time.

Allow a board certified surgeon to improve your skin tone today by contacting the Appearance Center of Newport Beach at 949-200-1615. At your consultation, ask our staff about your options regarding IPL. This non-invasive treatment choice allows you to have supple skin without any major surgery. With Orange County's leading facial plastic surgery center/office supporting your beauty goals, your IPL treatment will go smoothly with superior results.