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Define Your Features With Fraxel Laser Technology
Lasers have been incorporated into several industries, from the construction arts to surgical procedures. When you visit the Appearance Center of Newport Beach, you'll discover that we use lasers as well. Fraxel lasers don't use just one beam, but there are multiple light rays that pulse across your skin. Your resulting features are smoother with fewer dark spots than before. When you're looking for a rapid resolution to your facial issues, laser resurfacing is a smart choice.

How Does Resurfacing Work?

The Fraxel resurfacing procedure takes advantage of the body's natural healing processes. Your doctor will hold the laser above your skin and gently move it across your face. As the laser touches the skin, it's creating thermal sensations deep in the cells. This heat sensation actually breaks down around 15 percent of your skin cells in order to encourage new tissue growth.

This tissue regeneration sounds extreme, but the actual cells that are being broken down don't take up a lot of space. Across one centimeter of your skin is millions of cells. Only a few thousand of them are affected at once by the laser. Your doctor can show you some visual aids at your Fashion Island consultation so that you feel more comfortable with the process.

What Fraxel Lasers Treat

Orange County doctors appreciate the laser's advanced technology because it treats a wide-variety of skin issues, such as:

• Acne scarring

• Pre-cancerous actinic keratosis

• Hyperpigmentation

• Wrinkles and fine lines

• Melasma

• Accident scars

Patients are often concerned about pigmentation issues when they have darker skin tones. The Fraxel laser is perfectly suited for any skin tone, however. It merely encourages the body's unique healing abilities to work at a rapid pace. You replace scarred or damaged skin with your own tissues.

As Orange County's leading facial plastic surgery center/office, we can show you several before-and-after photos that display our work with various patients. Your skin will regenerate into a beautiful, smooth texture.

Understanding the Treatment's Sensation

Patients will often describe the laser treatment's sensation with varying degrees of discomfort, such as:

• Tingling

• Warmth

Our doctors understand that comfort is your main concern during any procedure. To enhance the treatment, our staff adds a topical aesthetic to your skin. For even more comfort, you'll feel a slight breeze as the tool is passed across your body. Cold air actually flows from the tool and onto your skin.

If you feel any intense sensations beside the normal tingling and heat, it's important to immediately notify your doctor. Although these situations are rare, you might be sensitive to the procedure as it begins.

Are There Side Effects?

Because you're losing minute amounts of skin to the laser's effects, you will feel some discomfort afterward. For the first few hours, you'll notice a sensation that's similar to a sunburn. This feeling is entirely normal, and it will subside about 3 hours later.

The sunburn sensation may be gone, but you will have a red hue across your skin. Apply doctor-approved sunscreen to your skin if you're venturing outdoors. You want to protect your newly emerging skin from any ultraviolet radiation. After 5 days, the red appearance and skin peeling should give way to supple skin.

Notify your doctor of any unusual side effects, including:

• Continued sunburn sensation

• Increase in reddened skin over time

Every patient is different, and reactions can vary. In most patients, however, the side effects are minimal and short-lived.

The Collagen Benefits

Laser resurfacing also encourages new collagen to form within your skin. Collagen contributes to a more youthful appearance as skin increases its elasticity and firmness. In fact, collagen might be created at a rapid pace more than 10 weeks after your initial procedure.

You'll know new collagen has been introduced into your skin when you notice these traits, such as:

• Glowing skin

• Tighter skin tone

• Reduced skin sagging

Because laser technology takes a qualified person to wield, it's important that a board certified surgeon performs this procedure. Contact the Appearance Center of Newport Beach today at 949-200-1615. Our doctors will set up a consultation that covers all of your cosmetic needs. When it's time for your procedure, you can lay back and relax. Our doctors dedicate their skills to your health and happiness.