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Have a Sebaceous Cyst Removed by a Professional Surgeon

Have a Sebaceous Cyst Removed by a Professional Surgeon
What is a Sebaceous Cyst?

A sebaceous cyst is a benign and common skin condition that can create an unattractive appearance on the face and neck. One or more of these small bumps will increase in size eventually, and we recommend a procedure from a board certified surgeon to remove the growth while improving the appearance of a patient’s neck or facial skin. While a sebaceous cyst may seem harmless, it is still important to visit our center for an evaluation to determine the cause of the condition. Sebaceous cysts are caused by:

• High testosterone levels
• Severe injury to the skin
• Blocked hair follicles

How do Sebaceous Cysts Develop?

Sebaceous cysts develop when keratin proteins block the flow of sebum in the skin’s sebaceous glands. The sebum that normally escapes to the surface of the skin remains inside the body to create a cottage cheese-like substance that turns into a cyst. A cyst might develop a foul odor caused by this infectious fluid and may also have a hard, fibrous consistency. A sebaceous cyst typically develops where there is more hair such as near an eyebrow, on the scalp or along the hairline but can also occur on other regions of the face or neck. There are two types of sebaceous cysts, including epidermoid and pilar varieties. Most females develop pilar sebaceous cysts in a particular pattern that researchers know is an inherited characteristic.

What are the Treatments for Sebaceous Cysts?

It is possible to unblock the sebaceous gland to improve the flow of sebum to reduce or eliminate the size of a cyst. When a cyst is infected, it is especially important to seek treatment. A sign of an infected cyst includes:

• Leaking fluid that has a foul odor
• Inflammation and redness
• Warmth on or near the cyst

Applying a warm compress to an infected sebaceous gland can reduce the pain and swelling until an individual visits a professional for assistance or a physician can provide an antibiotic to treat the inflammation.

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How Sebaceous Cysts are Surgically Removed

However, removing the sebaceous cyst with a surgical procedure is often the best option to solve the problem permanently. This surgery is performed as an in-office procedure, using local anesthesia to avoid discomfort, and a patient is able to return home quickly to recover for a few days. After the cyst is removed, it is analyzed in a diagnostic laboratory to determine if there are cancerous cells present.

A minimally invasive procedure is used at the Appearance Center of Newport Beach to excise a sebaceous cyst. First, a surgeon applies and injects a local anesthetic near the area where the cyst is located. A surgeon can select one of three methods to remove the cyst, including:

• Oval cuts on both sides of the cyst with a scalpel
• Making a scalpel cut on the center of the cyst
• Lancing or puncturing the cyst to drain the fluid and hard material

If scalpel cuts are made, then the surgeon squeezes the cyst to remove the fluid before attempting to remove the hardened lump of the growth in one piece. In some cases, a cyst is in multiple sections and each section requires removal with a scraping method. When the fragments are too difficult to remove, a surgeon uses a tool that emits small amounts of electrical currents to cauterize the growths.

The cure rate for removal of sebaceous cysts is 100 percent, and a surgeon always applies disinfecting agents to prevent infection. A larger incision requires stitches, but a small incision will heal without stitches. Patients must keep the incisions clean and sanitize the wound twice a day. A surgeon may prescribe oral antibiotics to a patient to help avoid infection. This procedure will leave a small scar that usually fades in appearance within a few months.

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