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See a Difference With a Fractional CO2 Laser

See a Difference With a Fractional CO2 Laser
Laser technology has revolutionized the cosmetic industry. Instead of patients being limited to surgical options, outpatient procedures can be completed in as little as a half hour. At the Appearance Center of Newport Beach, we have the most updated laser technologies, including the fractional CO2 laser. This laser targets the skin in a unique way, which contributes to a quality result with each professional session.

Repairing the Skin With Column Strategies

In the past, laser technologies were usually designed to remove a fine, top layer of skin from your face. Fractional CO2 lasers are entirely different. Your face actually receives pinpoints of laser light in an almost checkered pattern. The light penetrates a column of skin that's heated to a certain temperature. This heat stimulates specific actions in the body, including:

• Fibroblast activity

• Collagen and elastin fiber regeneration

• Fiber realignment

All of these activities rejuvenate the skin and give it a smoother texture. The laser basically stimulates the body's healing processes to improve your aging skin. Your board certified surgeon may take before-and-after photos of you so that you can see the difference that just one laser session will do for your complexion.

Remedies for Common Skin Ailments

Take a look at a few of the skin ailments that you can treat by using CO2 lasers, such as:

• Vascular discoloration

• Pigmented areas

• Fine lines

• Sun damage

• Furrows

• Acne scarring

When you visit our Orange County facility, your doctor can discuss all of the options that are available with this laser technology. It's important to note that more than one session may be necessary. In fact, two sessions is common in order to achieve the desired skin tone. Spacing out the treatments also gives your skin some time to heal after the laser activity.

Blends in With Untreated Skin

You may only want certain areas on your face treated, such as the cheeks. In the past, spot treatments left your skin with a dividing line or demarcation that was an obvious indicator of a cosmetic treatment. At Orange County's leading facial plastic surgery center/office, our fractional CO2 laser creates a feathered effect across the face.

As the laser passes across your skin, it only treats a small percentage of your overall tissues. With our talented doctors performing the session, they'll use specialized techniques that allow the treatment to blend in along those dividing lines. As a result, it's difficult to see the difference between the treated and untreated areas.

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Skin Tightening Benefits

The production of new elastin and collagen also forces the skin to realign both new and old fibers. Your skin is literally shifting into a different orientation. After the laser session, you can see visible results that lessen the amount of marks across your skin, such as:

• Improved skin-color tone

• Fewer grooves and lines

• Smoother texture

Tight skin makes you look younger than before because collagen and elastin are usually in short supply as you age. Stay out of the sun, moisturize your skin and maintain a healthy lifestyle so that your skin can retain that tight appearance for as long as possible. In the future, you can return for another laser treatment that can touch-up your previous session.

Recovery in No Time

Some patients can feel recovered in as little as 5 days, but most time periods extend to 10 days. You should expect to feel certain side effects after the CO2 laser treatment, including:

• Red appearance

• Peeling

• Itchy sensation

Your collagen will continue to realign during this recovery period. In fact, you might feel and see increased results for up to 90 days. If your doctor requires a second treatment, you'll probably return after 3 to 6 months. Ideally, your skin should be completely healed from the first treatment before trying a second one.

When you make your appointment with our Fashion Island facility, it's critical to mention any issues that might interfere with a CO2-laser session. Report any medications that you're taking to the doctor along with any recent surgeries or other procedures. When the doctor approves of your laser session, you'll have the confidence that the process will go smoothly. Contact the Appearance Center of Newport Beach today at 949-200-1615. We can smooth out those fine lines and help your skin tone look as even as possible.