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Brown Spots and Other Skin Discoloration Issues
Although your skin rejuvenates itself on a constant basis, it does succumb to aging and other weathering effects. Your once clear skin is now dotted with liver spots or dark sections. It's not necessary to watch your skin change because you can do something about it. The professionals at the Appearance Center of Newport Beach are ready to assist you with any skin treatments that you require. Take a closer look at some of your options when you visit Orange County's leading facial plastic surgery center/office.

What is Hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation is a broad term that describes dark, patchy areas on your skin. These areas can be filled with tiny spots or a large, dark patch. When hyperpigmentation occurs on your face or neck, you must deal with possible stares and social stigma. Consider these common skin ailments that are all defined as hyperpigmentation, including:

• Age, sun or liver spots

• Melasma or brown spots

In most cases, your skin is merely protecting you from harm by creating the extra pigment. Darker skin tones tend to be better protected from the sun's ultraviolet rays. When you develop hyperpigmentation, it's often in response to excessive sunlight exposure.

Basic Treatment Options

Because you live in Orange County, you're closely located to our Newport Beach facility. Explore your treatment options with our highly trained staff members. A few of the hyperpigmentation solutions include:

• Chemical peels

• Micro-needling

• Light therapy

In the case of peels and micro-needling, you're removing the skin's top layer. Although you aren't removing the extra pigment outright, the procedures will fade the area at a subtle pace. In fact, several exfoliation sessions will result in a nearly picture-perfect skin tone without any flaws.

Light therapy incorporates high-intensity lamps or LEDs into your treatment. The specialized light fades the pigment until it's hardly noticeable. Your doctor can ultimately decide if exfoliation, light or a combination of both therapies is appropriate for your situation.

The Laser Experience

A unique way to fade your skin spots is through laser technology. Q-switched lasers are used because they offer a distinct, pulsing action. Your doctor will point the laser at your skin and activate the tool. As the laser passes across your skin, minute laser pulses will penetrate the pigment. The laser power is calibrated to a certain strength in order to protect your healthy skin while damaging the extra pigment.

Your body will naturally remove the pigment through its waste systems, such as the lymphatic system. Once the procedure is done, you'll notice obvious fading over the next few days. Depending on the extent of the pigment, you may need to return for more laser applications.

Considering Darker Skin Tones

People with naturally darker skin tones don't want to rid themselves of too much pigment. In fact, using a laser on this skin may create unsightly skin patches. A solution for these patients is in skin resurfacing. Instead of a laser, doctors use radio frequencies to penetrate down to the dermis. This deep-skin layer can be treated with the radio frequencies in order to reduce unattractive pigmentation.

This skin solution allows the patient to retain their natural skin color while perfecting the surface. The upper skin layers aren't affected by the treatment, and they remain untouched on purpose. Your resulting skin has an even tone across the face and neck.

Warding Off Further Damage

Take further steps to stop more damage to your skin. Follow a few simple rules, such as:

• Wearing a hat outdoors

• Liberally applying sunscreen

• Avoiding the outdoors between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

In most cases, it's excessive sunlight exposure that makes these pigment marks visible on your skin. Hyperpigmentation through heredity is possible, but it's considered a rare disorder. Protecting your skin from hyperpigmentation also reduces skin-cancer occurrences. Ignoring any pigments on your body might mean that cancer goes undetected. Be aware of your time in the sun, and our team can help you remove those sun spots in no time.

Call us today at 949-200-1615. Our gracious Fashion Island staff can reserve a time for your next appointment. Speak to a board certified surgeon while you're here in order to understand all of your options. From laser therapy to topical solutions, you can rid yourself of those aging spots with just a few short visits.