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Winning the Fight Against Acne and Scarring
Whether you dealt with them in your teen years or as an adult, acne afflicts nearly every person. Red bumps across your face, back and neck are unsightly and negatively affect your self-image. At the Appearance Center of Newport Beach, our professional team knows that acne is a real frustration for some patients. Take a deeper look at this common, skin ailment and what you can do to control it.

How Acne Forms

When you enter puberty, your hormones and sweat glands shift into overdrive. The body is constantly changing and growing, including glands and pores on the face, back and neck. As you sweat, bacteria, debris and oils fill up the pores. When a pore becomes infected, it develops into the common pimple.

When you visit our Orange County facility, your treatment might begin with just a few lifestyle changes. Eating a healthier diet and drinking more water helps your internal organs function better. By creating a healthier body on the inside, this fact can translate to your skin. There is no cure for acne, but it can be controlled through regular doctor visits and healthy lifestyles.

Basic Treatment Options

You may have used topical ointments purchased at the store, but they haven't worked for you. As Orange County's leading facial plastic surgery center/office, our staff can recommend other topicals, such as:

• Vitamin A acid lotions

• Benzoyl peroxide creams

• Topical antibiotics

In many cases, topical solutions are just the beginning. Your acne may be stronger than the creams. Doctors can prescribe oral antibiotics as a way to calm your skin down too.

Other basic treatment options are available, including the use of birth-control pills. Speak to your doctor about every available option. Most patients must experiment with a few different treatment options before they see any results. Every skin type is unique to the person's body chemistry.

Advanced Procedures

Currently, there are several procedures that can quickly help patients with chronic acne. A few of the treatment options include suction and lasers, such as:

• Isolaz laser

• Light therapy

• SmoothBeam

The Isolaz laser is an ingenious design that incorporates suction and intense light. The procedure begins with a safe, suctioning action that removes debris from the pores. With these pores being wide open, the laser beam is brought in to kill off the acne-causing bacteria. With several sessions, you'll see obvious results across your face.

Light therapy uses the power of different light wavelengths in order to control inflammatory processes. Without inflamed pores, pimples can't form. SmoothBeam is a handheld laser that's used by a board certified surgeon. Passing this tool across the skin appears to shrink sebaceous glands where acne begins its formation through excess oils.

Dealing With Acne Scarring

Regardless of your skin-care regimen, it's possible to have scarring from chronic acne. You don't have to live with these skin marks, however. Today's acne-scarring treatments are advanced and nearly pain-free. Consider asking about these treatments during your next appointment, including:

• VBeam laser

• Bellafill

• Fraxel laser

The VBeam laser targets the vascular system that's supporting your scars. A laser light pulsates across the scar as it reduces the redness almost immediately. The coagulated blood within the vessel is eventually absorbed into the body. You're left with reduced scarring and a beautiful skin tone.

The Fraxel laser contours the skin at the scarring site while the Bellafill option is a cosmetic filler designed for acne scars. Your doctor can discuss the options when they examine your skin.

Incorporating Stress-Relieving Spa Treatments

Keeping your skin clean and healthy is part of acne control. Take a look at a few spa treatments that may help your skin, including:

• Traditional facials

• Hydrafacial

• Gentle peels

These treatments cleanse and hydrate your skin, which reduces oils and debris in your pores. Ask your doctor about specific treatments that will compliment your acne situation. A glowing skin tone can be achieved whether you're a teenager or grown adult.

Take the first step now and call the Appearance Center at 949-200-1615. You'll meet our Fashion Island team, and work out a treatment plan that improves your skin's unique chemistry. Whether you have a fresh breakout or years of acne scarring, our doctors can find a solution for your skin ailment.